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  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 2016.
  • Date Updated: 2011-10-26
  • Developer: AVG.

AVG PC TUNEUP 2016. Free Download

TRIAL: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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AVG PC Tune-Up is the latest brainchild from AVG Technologies, the most widely-known security solutions provider. Formerly known as Grisoft, the company grew tremendously using their free antivirus approach (AVG Antivirus free edition is still provided), gaining over 110 million users worldwide. That’s an impressive figure and AVG PC Tuneup is a result of requests coming from those users.

What this program does is basically improve the speed of your computer and Internet connection, using several built-in modules. Installation is clean and using the same modern interface you are provided with an easy-to-use program where everything is right where you needed it to be. AVG PC Tune-ups major features are:

  • Registry Cleaner. You will be able to scan your registries and fix problems to improve PC stability and speed.
  • Internet connection optimizer. This module allows you to tune-up your Internet connection to be able to drain more resources from the Internet. Your connection won’t be significantly faster, but there’s a chance you’ll see a slight improvement.
  • Recover data. You’ll be able to recover deleted files or folders, as long as these were not securely wiped out.
  • Secure delete. A tool that lets you delete files securely is also provided (but be warned that once removed these files will be gone forever).
  • HDD defragmenter. From time to time is recommended to do a defragmentation to improve your disk speed, and AVG PC Tuneup has just the right tool (plus it will be able to defragment registry entries).
  • Monitor HDD health. Think of it as S.M.A.R.T monitoring tool, just that it will do it directly from Windows and continuously. Nevertheless, it’s always recommended to perform regular backups just in case your HDD will fail, so don’t rely solely that you’ll be announced when your HDD will visit better places.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of “cleanup utilities” such as the presently reviewed product, however if you are not someone that’s willing to delve manually into your registry to clean entries of removed products, then you’d better let AVG PC Tune-up take care of that for you. The program installs and is fairly easy to use, using the same module-driven approach as the famous AVG antivirus. As a downsize, this product costs $30 per year and doesn’t have a free “lighter” brother just like the antivirus has, so you’d better use the trial version to test it out and decide if it’s worth for you to use it.

AVG PC Tune-up video guide:

The AVG PC TUNEUP application has been designed to speed up the user computer and address the main causes that slow it down. Features include:

- Fix freezing and crashing registry issues.

- Internet connection optimization

- Recover any files deleted by accident

- Wipe disks and delete unwanted files permanently

- Privacy protection is guaranteed

- Disk speed improvement

System Requirements:

No special requirements

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AVG_PCTuneUp_x64_707.exe exe 103.00MB 2016. 64 bits Windows Download
AVG_PCTuneUp_x86_764.exe exe 94.05MB 2016. 32 bits Windows Download
avg_tuht_stf_en_2015_638_15cmp18.exe exe 48.54MB 2015.15.0.1001.393 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
avg_tuht_stf_all_2015_638.exe exe 110.48MB 2015.15.0.1001.638 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
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